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Whatsapp to Ban users on GB Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp to Ban users on GB Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus & Here is why?

Whatsapp to Ban users on GB Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus. Such as Whatsapp plus or GB Whatsapp. Whatsapp intimates users to immediately migrate to official Whatsapp application. The other aspect is that those unofficial applications have security concerns also. GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus violate the terms and conditions of Whatsapp. These applications are also the source of spreading the false news, child and adult pornography as well as other malicious content. Whatsapp has started the official enforcement against those pirated applications.

Type of Users Ban

Whatsapp to Ban users on GB Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus and the ban on the user account is not permanent. The ban is temporary and for 24 hours until the user migrates to the official application. This ban is imposed because these applications are altered versions and have severe security and privacy concerns. This tempory ban will prevent the users to use Whatsapp services for 24 hours.


What Third Party Apps do

GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus offer more themes, emojis, and privacy features for users. But these applications have there own privacy concerns for users. The device and the data is on risk as far as these third-party applications are installed on the device. So, try to avoid such applications and keep your data secure and private. That’s why Whatsapp to Ban users on GB Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus because security and privacy are prior.

How to Switch from altered to official Whatsapp

First of all, wait until the ban is ended. Then do the below-given steps.

Whatsapp to Ban users on GB Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus

  • In GB WhatsApp.
  • More options > Chats > Back up chats.
  • Phone Settings > Storage > Files.
  • Find the folder of GB WhatsApp.
  • Tap & hold > select it.
  • At upper right corner > tap More > Rename.
  • Rename the folder > “WhatsApp”.
  • In WhatsApp, verify your phone number.
  • On the Backup found screen tap Restore > Next.
  • WhatsApp will automatically load your existing chat record.

Besides Whatsapp to Ban users on GB Whatsapp & Whatsapp Plus, there are some more reasons

Blocking at SMS Verification
SMS verification vis OTP is the first step for using WhatsApp. WhatsApp sends a temporary OTP via SMS or a phone call. A user needs to verify account via this OTP to prove the control and authorization over the phone number as well as SIM card. WhatsApp will automatically ban account at the registration step if your phone number recently abused. Or the computer or internet network is associated with any malicious suspicious behavior.
Blocking at messaging
If a suspicious account successfully is done at the registration phase, messaging is another phase where an account can be banned. If WhatsApp detects any suspicious activity by account regarding suspicious messaging, the account can be blocked. Such as if a user sends 100 messages in just 15 seconds even in five minutes after the registration.

Hence you should immediately migrate to official version if you’re using pirated versions. Share with mates, that are using altered versions. Having safe apps, protect your privacy.


GbWhatsApp V7.81 Feature & also APK, please must share your feedback according to this WhatsApp action.

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