Huawei Android Ban temporarily lifted – US Huawei War

Huawei Android Ban temporarily lifted – US Huawei War

As the US Huawei war became the internet’s top trend over the weekend. After the Android license suspension for Huawei, now the Trump administration latest orders Huawei Android Ban temporarily lifted. The ban is lifted in a limited scope. The US Department of Commerce temporarily lifts the Huawei Android Ban and grant three-month extension in the license. This extension is valid up-to August 19. In this duration, Huawei smartphones will get all the support from Google’s Android. Huawei Android Ban temporarily lift and extension in license is granted to wrap-up everything.

According to Reuters, this Huawei Android Ban lift allows Huawei and Google to work together until August 19. In this duration, US Huawei War is in the state of a cease-fire and Huawei & Google can work together in the same manner.

Moreover, this is a piece of relaxing news for Huawei. Huawei Android Ban temporarily lift allows Huawei to work on their new handsets along with Huawei Smartphone OS gets more time to test and launch. The ceasefire in US Huawei War and Huawei Android Ban Temporarily lift let Huawei maintain important services for their customers such as security or OS update. And furthermore, Huawei gets some more time to come up with their own operating system for smartphones.

Huawei’s CEO Response

Huawei’s limited time license extension is valid until August 19, 2019. The Huawei Android ban temporarily lift allows Huawei along with several US corporations to work together. Moreover, the Chinese tech giant can maintain ties with Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and other regional corporations during US Huawei War ceasefire. Furthermore, the 90 days Huawei Android Ban temporarily lift is good news for some small regional firms that rely on Huawei.

The purpose of Huawei Android Ban temporarily lift

We can summarise it in a manner that Huawei gets the Huawei Android Ban temporarily lift and three month time to launch their own operating system and new firmware for their current devices. This 3 month US Huawei War ceasefire is a piece of relaxation for Shenzhen-based tech company.

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