WiFi Alliance Suspends Huawei | JEDEC Suspends Huawei as well


WiFi Alliance Suspends Huawei | JEDEC Suspends Huawei as well

No wifi, No ram components!

As you know that Google suspends Huawei from Huawei services after US President Donald Trump blacklist the company. Google immediately lose access to Android OS as well as all Google services. Moreover, Intel, Qualcomm & Broadcom also cut their ties with the Chinese tech giant. But things are getting worse day by day. Now US-based WiFi Alliance suspends Huawei license. Huawei can’t get WiFi services anymore. But according to WiFi Alliance, the ban is temporary. JEDEC suspends Huawei too. JEDEC provides RAM components to licensed tech companies. After US sanctions, Huawei is suffering a lot. Everything is making Huawei difficult to survive. But Huawei CEO is hopeful to get out of this tough situation.

Why WiFi Alliance Suspends Huawei

WiFi Alliance is a Texas-based company. As per recent news, WiFi Alliance suspends Huawei license. The company certifies smart devices with WiFi. Because of blacklisting, WiFi alliance suspends Huawei license. As per authentic sources, the news is coming that WiFi Alliance suspends Hauwei license ban is temporary. Although the ban is temporiry, Huawei has to suffer a lot.

JEDEC Suspends Huawei too

JEDEC is the leading computer company. It is famous for its semiconductor products for computer as well as smartphone devices. JEDEC suspends Huawei license too in the result of US sanctions over Huawei. Because of this ban, Huawei can not have JEDED RAM products anymore. As per authentic sources, JEDEC suspends Huawei license is said to be temporary.  All the US-based leading tech companies are cutting their ties with Huawei. The US sanctions over Huawei is creating huge problems for Huawei. Survival in the smartphone industry is becoming challenging. But Huawei CEO is pretty much confident to overcome the situation, as Huawei already announced to launch their own smartphone OS in the near future.

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